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  • Twice the national average of BS degrees
  • 1M workers within 40 miles
  • 4% annual population increase
  • Advanced school system


Characterized by a diverse set of managerial, professional, and technical skills, the workforce in the Fredericksburg Region boasts educational attainment levels that surpass the national average, and that have been on a steady rise throughout the decade. This is due in part to the kind of people who move to the Region: over twice as many have bachelors degrees as the national average — they even outrank those in the Washington, DC, metro area. (For more details, see the Labor Market Analysis, below.)


The Fredericksburg Region is home to 155,000 workers, with 1 million more in our 40 mile commute zone. And the numbers are growing rapidly. Our 4% annual population increase is among the highest in the country. The Region also has a substantial “hidden workforce” — 50 percent of the Region’s workers commute long distances to work, due to the Region’s popularity as a residential community for Northern Virginia and Richmond. However, studies show that most of these workers would work closer to home if offered comparable positions locally — many would even accept lower pay. (For more details, see the Labor Market Analysis, below.)

Download the Regional Employment Data

Download the 1st Quarter Industry Overview


The workforce in the Fredericksburg Region is supported by an advanced local school system with many technical training and incentive programs, including continuing education and graduate programs in engineering and business, as well as special fast-track programs for information/service sector positions and microchip fabrication facility operators and technicians. (For more details, see the Labor Market Analysis, below.)

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